Monday, January 30, 2017

The Eyegiene Chapter on Mandingo and Blaxploitation: A Work in Progress

I am in the middle of composing and revising a brief chapter on blaxploitation movies and paperbacks for the Eyegiene book with UT Press.  In the process of spelunking the internets for material on the 1975 film "classic" Mandingo directed by Richard Fleischer--which itself derives from the novel Mandingo by Kyle Onstott and a stage version of the book by Jack Kirkland--I chanced across these screaming semiotic, pulp wonders.  Let's see how many of these I can squeeze into the book!  The source for the images is an Etsy vendor.  I love that the book is an "uncensored" abridgment, meaning, I imagine that bulky scenes of description and dialogue have been excised in the interest of featuring the delights of "scandalous" miscegenation in the old South.

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